Olympic Champ Allyson Felix Weighs In On Lolo Jones’ Media Backlash [AUDIO]

August 9, 2012 8:00 am

Olympic gold medalist and LA native Allyson Felix called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday to give her thoughts on the backlash that Lolo Jones has been getting, chats about winning the 200m, tells us where she likes to run, and find out what she had to say about her high school nickname.

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On Lolo Jones:
Lolo has been in the headlines and got emotional about some of the backlash she’s been getting from the media.”I think it’s hard, she’s in a tough situation, just such in the public eye. I think that’s hard, especially something like the Olympic Games,” Allyson says. “Just from personal experience, experience being disappointments on this huge stage, it’s difficult. So, definitely heart goes out to her. But she’s a strong girl she’ll bounce back. I think I learned from coming up short twice at the Olympic Games that it definitely motivates you. I think her moment is yet to come.”

On The Nickname Chicken Legs:
When Allyson crossed the finish line the announcers mentioned her high school nickname. “They had to get that ‘Chicken Legs’ in there,” she laughs. So, is it true…was the Olympian gold medalist called “Chicken Legs” in high school? “That is so true and I just can’t escape it. I thought…finally gold medal, no more ‘Chicken Legs,’ but there it is.”

Where Does Allyson Run In LA?
“I went to USC, but I actually train at UCLA. So, you know, that whole deal…it’s crazy. I live in the Marina. I run along the beach, Venice Beach, I’m a total LA girl, always have been,” she tells us. “I’ve been to Santa Monica stairs, I’ve done that whole thing. Done the Coliseum, and yeah, it’s just torture. I’ve definitely done Runyon. I try to kind of get off the beaten track though. I go over to the sand dunes in Manhattan Beach, and you know, whatever little LA tortures are out there I’m kind of getting it in.”

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On Winning The Gold Medal:
Allyson completed the 200m in 21.8 seconds and when she first finished she said: ‘I don’t even know what happened, I have to watch it back.’ So has it sunk in yet? “I think it’s getting there. I think tonight when I go up there and receive my medal and hear the anthem, I think that’s the moment when it’s going to be really real. I woke up this morning, I was like: ‘Okay, that wasn’t a dream. It’s starting to become feeling real.’ But tonight, I think that will just cap it all off,” Allyson says. So, what will she be wearing when she receives her medal? “I’ll be rocking the Nike.”

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What Goes Through Allyson’s Head When Racing?
“It’s kind of crazy, you’re so focused it feels like it’s kind of taking a long time for it to happen. You’re thinking a lot, you’re thinking about what you have to do in each part of the race, and afterwards it’s just completely a blur. I can’t even remember what happened.”


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