British Musicians Take Center Stage at the Olympics Closing Ceremony [PHOTOS]

August 12, 2012 10:53 pm

Just a little more than two weeks ago, it seemed as though the Olympic committee would be hard-pressed to find a way to top their incredible opening ceremony. Today however, we came to realize that there is a way to turn closing festivities into something spectacular—and it involves a lot of live music.

One Direction Performs at The Olympics [PHOTOS]

The London 2012 closing ceremonies will be remembered for their epic rock concert format, with one mesmerizing musical performance after another. And it’s obvious that the audience’s spirits were also high. The crowd’s involvement in the show was much greater than during the opening ceremony.

As audience members in London and abroad sang along to current and classic tunes, the message of uniting the nations rang out as strong as their voices. From One Direction to the Spice Girls, here are the highlights of some of our favorite closing ceremony performances.

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Jessie J:

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[nggallery id=736]


Spice Girls:

[nggallery id=734]


One Direction:

[nggallery id=730]


Taio Cruz:

[nggallery id=733]



[nggallery id=737]


Tinie Tempah:

[nggallery id=732]


Russel Brand:

[nggallery id=738]


The Who:

[nggallery id=740]


Eric Idle:

[nggallery id=735]


George Michael:

[nggallery id=729]


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