The Ultimate Female Fantasy Football Team [PHOTOS]

August 12, 2012 12:30 am

I don’t really understand football.

The only rule I know is that it’s a requirement to be hot if you’re a quarterback. So when my boyfriend was ranting on and on about how NFL preseason just started and who he’s going to pick for his Fantasy Football team, I just zoned out and thought to myself: “should I paint my nails Pretty In Pink or Tangerine Tango?”

After confidently settling on Tangerine Tango, I snapped out of my daze and had a revelation. Maybe football wouldn’t be so boring if I fed into the frenzy and created a Fantasy Football Team of my own! Well, here’s what happens when you let a woman with absolutely no knowledge of the sport create her own dream team: Behold! The Ultimate Female Fantasy Football Team. AKA a collection of the 15 hottest NFL players who fulfill our wildest fantasies.


Wes Welker

New England Patriots Wide Receiver Wes is pretty skilled with his hands.

Ray Rice

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray is a killer catch on and off the field.

Clay Matthews

Green Bay Packers Line Backer Clay’s body has been molded to perfection.

Trent Edwards

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Trent proudly starts off our list of steamy quarterbacks.

Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears Quarterback Cutler is cut above the rest of his teammates in sex appeal.

Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian is a touchdown hottie.

Terrell Owens

Free Agent Wide Receiver Terrell makes us hike up our skirts a tad to get his attention.

David Carr

New York Giants Quarterback Carr drives us crazy over his good looks.

Miles Austin

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles gives reason enough to “save a horse and ride a cowboy.”

Tony Gonzalez

Atlanta Falcons Tight End Tony makes it way too easy to play off the pun of his position.

Matt Leinart

Oakland Raiders Quarterback Matt’s smile makes up fumble our words.

Reggie Bush

Miami Dolphins Running Back is way done with Kim K, does this mean we have a chance!?

Tim Tebow

New York Jets Quarterback Tebow is our #3 target we would love to tackle.

Mark Sanchez

New York Jets Quarterback Sanchez–what do we have to do to get him in the sack??

AND FINALLY, it should come as no surprise to anyone with eyes that our #1 Female Fantasy Football pick is….

Tom Brady

New England Patriots Quarterback Brady’s beautiful face is almost a strong enough cause to outlaw wearing helmets on the field.



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