Mika Teams Up With Pharrell Williams in New Video For ‘Celebrate’ [VIDEO]

August 12, 2012 1:01 am

While the sound of Mika‘s new album, The Origin of Love, may be different than that of the music he debuted with in 2007, the message is the same. Mika continues to promote the idea of having a positive attitude and tolerating all groups of people, especially in his video for “Celebrate.”

MIKA New Music Video Wants To ‘Make You Happy’ [VIDEO]

In this video for his new single, a collaboration with rapper Pharrell, Mika is seen struggling to write a song at the piano. He is visibly frustrated, but eventually realizes that everything is going to be just fine.

The video presents a positive message of enjoying yourself in the moment as Mika encourages the whole world to go out and celebrate in their own way.


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