Sweat Moppers & More Unsung Heroes Of The Olympics [VIDEO]

August 12, 2012 1:30 am

If you ever wonder how the Olympics flow so smoothly, look closely in the corner of your tv screen and chances are you will spot a figure in a purple and red shirt, lurking the the background. These unsung heroes of the games help each event go off without a hitch, and while the rest of the world obsessed over the medal winning athletes, we think it’s about time that these illusive volunteers get some recognition.

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1. The Sweat Moppers. These high-profile volunteers are in charge of keeping the players safe from slips on a wet court, and even though they’re not athletes themselves, the job is pretty intense.

Teams of two moppers do a synchronized cleaning job during breaks in badminton matches, wiping up as much sweat as they can in 40 seconds. Moppers also work other courts, including volleyball, handball, and basketball. Moppers enjoy a bit more notoriety than other volunteers; Chinese fans have been known to yell out, “Court moppers, go for it!” during badminton games, and volleyball moppers are introduced and run through the cheerleaders before games.

2. The Volleyball Snatchers

3. The Tennis Court Sprinters

4. The Plastic Bucket Removers

5. Honorable Mention: Kinesio Tape- Many athletes have been sporting kinesio tape to keep their muscles in perfect position.

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