Lady Gaga Looks Scary Sexy In Her New Bizarre Perfume Trailer ‘Fame’ [VIDEO]

August 14, 2012 8:50 am

If you weren’t already dying to smell like Lady Gaga, after she announced she was releasing a perfume called “Fame” in June, this commercial might change your mind.

Lady Gaga Unveils Mysterious Short Film for New ‘Fame’ Perfume [VIDEO]

It’s an introduction to the black bottle that, according to, contains ingredients like tears of belladonna, pulverized apricot and the essences of saffron and honey drops. Looking at the commercial however, you might assume that it contained more otherworldly ingredients.

Lady Gaga Releases ‘Fame’ — The First Ever Black Eau De Parfum [PHOTO]

In the somewhat frightening video below, Gaga appears in a full-on black bodysuit with black slime hanging from her mouth. As the crowd roars, we see those famed little monsters climbing Gaga as she lies on the floor, just like in the print ad for the campaign. The commercial isn’t typical, but it is totally Lady Gaga’s style.


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