5 Feisty Face-offs We’re Secretly Hoping to See at the VMA’s [PHOTOS]

August 16, 2012 8:45 am

We’ve all been holding our breaths for quite some time in anticipation of the next, extreme, Hollywood blowout. Tension has been boiling between a few familiar names, and we’re hoping to hasten the explosions so we can finally exhale.

If any bombs are going to burst at the VMA’s, here’s who we predict will be warring:

The Wanted’s Tom Parker vs. Christina Aguilera 

TOM VS CHRISTINA, 600x400, 8-10-12

Getty Images

Will Christina Aguilera apologize to The Wanted’s bandmate for her recent ill-mannered behavior, or will she play “Diirty” and rebuttal on the Red Carpet?  

Chris Brown vs. Drake

CHRIS VS DRAKE, 600x400, 8-8-12

Getty Images

There can only be one winner of “Best Male Video.” Is the loser going repeat an old offense and chuck bottles of booze at the winner as he accepts his award on stage?

Chuy vs. Kevin Hart

CHUY VS KEVIN, 600x400, 8-8-12

Getty Images

Chuy takes pride in being the “golden nugget” of prime time television. Will he wrestle against the 5’2″ host to keep his title secured?

R-Pat vs. K-Stew

KSTEW VS ROBPATZ, 600x400, 8-8-12

Getty Images

Are they going to duke it out vampire style over who gets to keep the Bella and Edward action figurines when someone moves out?

Maroon 5 vs. Carly Rae Jepsen

ADAM VS CARLY, 600x400, 8-8-12

Getty Images

Payphone” and “Call Me Maybe” absolutely exploded airwaves. Are these artists going to throwdown over who had a bigger AT&T bill??

Only time will tell! Stay tuned and turn on your TV’s September 6th to see who emerges victorious.


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