‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Shay Mitchell Confirms Maya Is Really Dead! [AUDIO]

August 16, 2012 8:02 am

Pretty Little Liars” star Shay Mitchell dropped by the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” studio on Thursday to chat about back-to-school fashions and all the drama surrounding the PLL summer finale, and tells us if we can expect to see Maya again!

Is Maya Dead?
Fans of the show have been questioning if Maya (Emily’s girlfriend) is really dead or if she will reappear. So, is Maya really dead? Shay confirmed: “Yes.”

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The Betrayal:
With just 2 weeks until the summer finale, the anticipation is building! Some think it’s Caleb, others think it’s Ezra, or it could be Paige? “We had 3 different actors that were shooting this other person,” Shay says. “I’m always looking at the actors that come in to play one of A’s team members. I’m always like: ‘So, is it you?’”

Shay continues,”The mid season finale is my favorite episode thus far. Which is kind of incredibly considering that like every episode, I feel, is amazing. Not just because I’m on the show, but I watch them myself. This episode is unbelievable,” she tells us. So, does Shay know who it is? “I really don’t know…I know that obviously it’s not just Mona and now there are other people that are involved.”

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On Fashion:
“I was modeling before I was acting. So, I always kind of one hand in the fashion industry and then obviously wanting to get in to acting. I know some designers,” Shay tells us. “My character on PLL is obviously a lot more sportier than I am in real life, I have fun with it though. It’s always great going to events, borrowing shoes, and returning it after, it’s like Cinderella.” To put her fashion expertise to good use, we played a little game “Shay or Nay” with back-to-school fashions like the mullet skirt, neon, leopard and more. Listen to the audio below to find out which fashions are Shay approved! [Skip To: 2:45]

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