The Hillywood Show is Hollywood’s Next BIG Thing! [VIDEO]

August 16, 2012 8:58 am

Want to know how to create a viral sensation? Take two sisters, a creativity capsule of dance talent, and an obsession for pop culture and film. What do you get? The Hillywood Show®.

The comedy duo Hilly and Hannah Hindi, take the success of box office hits and re-produce the greatness through satire sketches and character impersonations. But no parody is complete without their signature touch–song and dance.

It all started when Hilly entered AOL’s “Be A Red Star” contest and won third place. Not taking home the trophy pushed Hilly to get her older sister Hannah involved in a viral video series. They have over impressively produced 15 webisodes,Harry Potter sketches, and holiday specials but what lifted them to viral stardom was their Twilight parody with over 7 million views.

The accomplished sisters both write and star in the series. When it comes to impersonations, Hilly has a range of 20 characters. For the on-camera direction, Hannah takes the power role. Working together, they share in the spotlight with many talented friends.


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