5 Reason Why You NEED To Date A Shorter Guy [PHOTOS]

August 17, 2012 12:20 am

I can’t lie. Like most women, I am so guilty of placing a 6’0” or above height requirement on guys I date.  And when short guys fail to meet this demanding prerequisite, they don’t stand a chance. Don’t blame us; blame Disney! Women have been duped since diaper days to believe that the ideal Prince Charming has to be TALL, dark, and handsome.

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I don’t see Prince Charming racing to swoop me up on his white stallion any time soon, so I think it’s time for a reevaluation of my dating checklist. I refuse to compromise for a man who hates Will Ferrell movies, and will never settle for someone who doesn’t eat Mexican food. So, I guess that means the height requirement is next in line. Here’s why dating a shorter guy could be the key for all of us single ladies—

5. A Shorter Man…Can Help You Fulfill Your Dream
…of being a Victoria’s Secret model! Hunny, if you had an butt like that, legs twice as long as humanly possible, supremely seductive lips, and invisible body hair, you’d already be one. Since you don’t have any of these things, bending down to kiss a shorter man is probably the next closest option to knowing what it feels like to be the 5’10” Adriana Lima.

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4. A Shorter Man…Will Ensure You Won’t Die Alone
Studies have proven that shorter men live longer! If you date a man who struggles in the height department, your chances of ending up like the shriveled, old widow who lives all alone in the house across the street from you will statistically decrease. Also all men shrink when they age anyway! Your tall, young hunk will eventually transform into the hunchback, so why not cut to the chase?

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3. A Shorter Man…Can Revamp Your Wardrobe 

Since a shorter guy is probably closer to your size, you can steal all his clothes and fit in them pretty comfortably. Bonus: you’ll avoid looking skanky in an obviously oversized shirt when you sneak out the morning after.

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2. A Shorter Man…Provides You With More Options
As the age-old adage goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” So maybe you should take your pole out of the pond and start casting a net in the ocean. The average man in the U.S. is 5’9 ½”. So, if we just lower our height requirement by a few inches, we’re lookin’ at a few million more potential suitors.

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1. Finally, A Shorter Man…Isn’t Necessarily “Small”
If you read that with your head in the gutter…good. We can be friends. Often times, guys who lack in the height department, try to over compensate in other areas. I.E. the bedroom. Don’t be surprised if a short guy blows your mind between the sheets.

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Even if it meant defying your dating checklist, would you ever date a great guy who is shorter than you? Is there anything on your list you could NEVER compromise? Let us know in the section below!


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