Kevin and Danielle Jonas Open Up About Married Life and Filming Their Show in Exclusive Web Chat

August 20, 2012 12:40 am

On Sunday night, “Married to Jonas” finally premiered on the E! Network. We’ve been waiting for a long time for the show, starring Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, to make it’s debut, and fans were just as excited. The show was even trending on Twitter.

Following a successful opening episode, Kevin and Danielle took to their computer to chat with fans about all things marriage. In their web chat with fans,the pair opened up about their relationship, their in-laws, and what it’s like to watch themselves on TV.

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What Has “Married To Jonas” Done To Make Your Marriage Stronger?
Danielle: “Well, I think we talk more. We have to have conversations that maybe we don’t really want to have because we kind of want to pick our battles, but we can’t really pick them in front of the camera because they want everything. And we prioritize date nights.”

Kevin: “Not only do they want everything, but we’ll see it later, so just imagine  if I hid something from her and then two months later she saw it on TV. I would be dead meat. It’s much better to go and talk about it in the moment. I think we’ve really gotten stronger because of it. It’s made us really appreciate the non-work time we have together.”

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If You Could Change One Thing About The Show, What Would It Be?
Kevin: “I think if there was one thing I would change about the show, it would just be the amount of time we spent eating. There’s so much food in our show because of how passionate everybody is in your family about food. Sometimes it’s a little tough, because I don’t have that much big of a stomach.”

Danielle: “Maybe my outfits. Because some of them I don’t like.”

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What Is The Hardest Thing You Had To Adjust To As A Married Couple?
Kevin: “It’s getting used to living with Danielle and having a girl’s sensitivity to things that maybe I would have never thought about. Meaning like, girls have different attitudes toward certain things. Guys are like, ‘Eh, whatever.'”

Danielle: “Me, I think it’s your energy. Just sometimes, not all the time. Like, I like your energy, but at night you never get tired.”

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What’s It Like Having In-Laws?
Danielle: “It’s fun. Especially Frankie. I think it’s cool to have a lot of boys around knowing that you’re protected and stuff like that. Joe, we can have fun and he makes you laugh and he’s crazy and he’s always there for you. And Nick, he gives good advice. And Frankie is just the best. I’m in love with him.”

Kevin: “I love my in-laws. I think they’re awesome. They’re fun. Each one’s got passions that they really like. Dina’s awesomely crazy and so is Katie. Michael’s music is amazing. You have to check it out. Make sure to go to ‘at Deleasa.’ He’s been posting music constantly and it’s on iTunes now, so make sure to look into that. He’s been working very hard. I’m working with him a little bit here and there, but really, he’s been rocking it for so long. Each one has a dynamic that’s really cool.”

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“I get along with all of them really well. Mikey, we have a great relationship. We always talk about music and everything, cause like I said he’s music’s awesome. Katie, I feel like she’s my like my little sister. She has this really fun energy about her. And then Dina, we can relate to one another a lot because we’re both in married relationships and we can talk about things. I really get along with them all about the same.”

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How Is It Watching Yourselves On The Show Knowing What It Was Like To Film?
Kevin: “It’s definitely interesting. You look at yourself a little bit differently. Like, ‘Oh wow, I react with my face a lot.'”

Danielle: “I don’t like my voice. And I do, I make like silly faces with my lips, like crooked. I don’t like it that much.”

Kevin: *miming McKayla Maroney* “Not impressed. Not impressed.”


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