WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to Kathy Griffin’s New Single ‘I’ll Say It’ The Dance Mix [AUDIO]

August 20, 2012 8:51 am

Kathy Griffin, one of our favorites, dropped by “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Monday to world premiere of her dance mix, “I’ll Say It” and the comedian and Bravo talk show host is still fired up about Oprah Winfrey’s new job.

Kathy Griffin Reveals Her ‘Real Housewives of Hollywood’ Dream Cast [AUDIO]

The theme song from Kathy’s outrageous Bravo talk show has been turned into a brand new dance mix that salutes her favorite people. Featuring sound bites from her hilarious comedy shows, Kathy doesn’t hold back in the remix. From Lindsay Lohan to Mel Gibson to the cast of “Jersey Shore,” Kathy reminds us of her favorite targets in her act. In addition, Kathy can’t help but give a shout-out to her gay fans.

Take a listen to the new remix audio below, and be sure to buy “I’ll Say It” Remixes. Wondering what the original sounded like? Watch the music video for “I’ll Say It” below.

On I’ll Say It:
“My little song started off as a joke written by Adam Schlesinger, a legit songwriter (Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”). Emilio Estefan said you should do a remix. One thing led to another…my cd drops today. I’m now a member of the music industry because I actually sang the song for my talk show. I’m auto-tuned within an inch of my life.”

Kathy Griffin Reveals Her ‘Real Housewives of Hollywood’ Dream Cast [AUDIO]

On The Dance Remix:
“Their [Gloria and Emilio Estefan] 17-year old daughter, Emily, who doesn’t want to be known as an Estefan, because typical kid of a celebrity she just wants to be her own person which is ridiculous. Her DJ name is Keisha Mai Ash, so that’s her way of saying kiss my ash. She did an even edgier remix. So Gloria Estefan pulled me aside and lovingly said, ‘God knows I love my husband and his remix is great but I think Emily’s is even edgier.’ Now that I’m in the music industry, I want the kids to dance with glow sticks.”

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On Oprah’s Next Chapter:
“Oprah keeps delivering. Oprah is now obviously upset that she has to go to your house. I can tell that does not sit well with her one bit. She doesn’t want to get on a plane, she doesn’t want to leave Gayle at home, she doesn’t want to be in your living room. Now she has to go from house to house acting like she cares about Kelsey Grammer. I don’t care what her next chapter is. I’m in for her next chapter, her epilogue.”

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What’s Next For Kathy?
Kathy said she will make an appearance at the upcoming iHeart Radio Music Festival. “I’m going bottomless and I’m going to wear a cute blouse. In the music industry, which I’m apart of, it’s all about image,” Kathy said. The Emmy’s are also weeks away where Kathy is nominated for her comedy special, “Tired Hooker.” “I believe last time you grabbed me and assaulted me,” Kathy said when describing her last trip down the red carpet with Ryan. “You kissed me and ruined my lipstick and it was offensive.” Kathy is also hoping for an appearance at the upcoming Grammy Awards. “I’m hoping to get another Grammy nomination for Best Comedy album. I’ve been nominated and lost the past four years in a row. I plan to be in the dance category alongside Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, Kathy Griffin, deadmau5 my new crowd.”

I’ll Say It
I know what’s on your mind,
But if you’re inclined not to say it
Well don’t you worry ‘cause I’ll say it, I’ll say it for you.

I know what’s in your head
But if you turn red when you say it
Well you don’t you worry ‘cause I’ll say it, I’ll say it for you.

You don’t have to speak a word
‘Cause I know that we both feel it
And I don’t care if it sounds absurd
I know the truth and i’ve got to reveal it.

I know what’s in the air
But if you don’t dare ever say it
Well don’t you worry ‘cause I’ll say it, I’ll say it for you.

I can read you loud and clear
Yeah I know what we’re both thinking
I’ll shout it out for the world to hear
And then we can give it a minute to sink in.

I know what’s in your heart
But if the hard part is to say it
well don’t you worry ‘cause i’ll say it, i’ll say it for you

I’ll say it, I’ll say it for you.”


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