Alan Thicke Dishes On Ellen K’s First Celebrity Kiss [AUDIO]

August 22, 2012 9:45 am

During a game of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” truth pong on Wednesday, Ellen K was asked who her first celebrity kiss was…at first she said it was Alan Thicke, but then realized it was actually Michael Damien. So, after hearing his name come up during the juicy game, Mr. Thicke just had to call in to the show!

On Ellen K:
“I’ve been an Ellen K fan since before she was Ellen K,” Alan tells us. “I had my Ellen K radar out. I heard you were coming and I called the greyhound station. I said: ‘I gotta meet this girl.” Ellen then added: “We had repeat dates…and that didn’t happen with Michael Damien.” To which Alan responded: “Well, we kept trying to get it right.”

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On His Son Robin Thicke:
Robin is quite fabulous. He just finished his first movie and he’s doing a new sitcom with Kevin Hart for BET,” Alan tells us.

On Life As A Grandpa:
“I like it. I’m doing well at it. His [Robin] baby with Paula [Patton] is quite fabulous. A little bit of a surprise so far, because Paula being gorgeously bi-racial and me being boringly Canadian Caucasian we were hoping for something a little deeper in the gene pool…the kid might as well be Norwegian. He’s blonder than Ellen and has bright blue eyes, he’s quite gorgeous, but we’re thinking maybe something a little more exotic will kick in.”

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