The 5 Evil Pets You Have To See [VIDEOS]

August 22, 2012 12:50 am

We have all had to tell our pets “no” or “stop” at one time or another. It is because they are only animals, and its in their nature to be a little mischievous every now and then. But we have gone through Youtube and have found the pets with the worse behavior.

Meet Boo — The World’s Cutest Dog! [VIDEO]

Although you might think twice before letting these pets into your home, we are sure that each one of them will find their own special place in your heart. We want to know which is your favorite evil pet.

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Meet teddy. A cat who likes to knock his owners belongings over the edge. This video was posted by ‘krmrmlp.’

Camelsandfriends‘ posted this video of a dog who just needs to know whats on the table top.

In this video by ‘MrBenjamin95,’ we see what happens when you set your camera down near a dog.

heb0r‘ captures a cat betraying his friend above a basement.

 In this final video by ‘177Prod,’ we see a tough hamster who just wont take any more.


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