Author Andrea Syrtash on Keeping Your Relationship Spicy, Fresh & Fun! [AUDIO]

August 23, 2012 8:45 am

Author and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday to chat about her latest book Cheat On Your Husband (with Your Husband): How to Date Your Spouse” and gives advice on how to keep your relationship spicy, fresh, and fun!

Why Did Andrea Write The Book?
“When I got married I went to the self help section to find out how to spice up my marriage,” Andrea says.”I was so keen to keep the marriage fresh. Because people always talk about the 7 year itch, but I got itchy after about a year. I wanted something to keep things spicy, fresh, fun, and all I found was really relationship rescue. So, I wanted to write a fun, flirty book about how to renew the relationship and I don’t think you have to have a broken relationship to work on it.”

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On Cheat On Your Husband (with Your Husband):
“The premise of ‘Cheat on Your Husband (with Your Husband)’ is that part of the work of relationships is keeping the fun alive, keeping the spark alive. So, we always hear about the big issues in-laws, sex, children, everything else, but boredom is a huge issue in a long-term relationship. So, hopefully my book offers some ideas on how to curb the boredom and keep things fun.”

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How To Add Spice To Your Relationship:
“I think novelty is key. We tend to get into a routine in our long-term relationships. We get really comfortable, we wear the granny pants, we get kind of lazy, we keep the bathroom door swung open, and we don’t necessarily create the mystery, the flirtation we’re craving. I think we have to keep surprising each other. When you introduce novel activities on a regular basis in your relationship you actually train your brain and trick it in to thinking the love is new.”

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Does Andrea Feel A Lot Pressure Being The Author?
“Absolutely. The greatest irony is when I sold the book, I was on a book tour for a different book and I hadn’t seen my husband for a month. So, I was trying to advocate dating your spouse and never saw him. One of the important things of dating your spouse is actually making time for him and actually hanging out.”

Cheat On Your Husband (with Your Husband): How to Date Your Spouse” is available in stores now.


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