Ryan Lochte — The Next Bachelor, DWTS Contestant, or ‘Magic Mike’ Stripper? [PHOTO]

August 23, 2012 2:27 pm

Ryan Lochte   dominated the pool in London, and now he’s making huge waves on the Hollywood scene. What new gigs are fresh on his mind? Reality TV for starters!

Ryan Lochte is Coming To a TV Near You! What Can’t You Wait To See?

Ryan recently said that he would ‘consider’ becoming the newest bachelor on ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor”. He was even confident that he had the moves for Dancing with the Stars.”

Rumors stirred that we might even see his chiseled abs in a possible “Magic Mike” sequel (Yes, please). Why not add designing to the mix? Ryan plans to start up his own clothing line and already released a shoe line through Speedo.

Ryan Lochte Spoofs His Peeing in The Pool Confession! Funny or Gross?

America’s golden boy seems eager to prove his many talents. The question is what would you want to see him dive into next? Weigh in on our poll below!

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