Colton Haynes Causing ‘Trouble’ for Leona Lewis! [AUDIO]

August 23, 2012 12:30 am

Colton Haynes, known as one of the many werewolves on MTV’s big hit “Teen Wolf,” is set to appear in Leona Lewis’ latest music video for “Trouble.”

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The video, featuring Childish Gambino, began shooting in Los Angeles Wednesday and Colton couldn’t be more thrilled with his new gig. “It’s exciting to be working…with the amazing Leona Lewis and getting into a little trouble with her,” he said.

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The two first met at a birthday party in honor of J.C. Chasez. After hitting it off, Colton then attended a charity event for one of Leona’s most passionate causes. It’s no surprise then that Leona chose her good friend to play her love interest in the new video. As soon as the video is released, check back in with to watch it for yourself.

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