Adam Lambert vs. Miley Cyrus –Who Wore It Best? [PHOTOS]

August 24, 2012 12:20 am

From fierce animal to fabulous floral, it looks like print styles are making a comeback – at least on celebrity twitpics. Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus are the two most recent celebrities to post photos of their unique fashion statements.

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Miley Cyrus tweeted out a picture of herself in colorful floral inspired jeans. The photo included Miley (and her new hairstyle) in a white, see-through top along with multicolored pants.


Miley isn’t the only one rocking print pants. Adam Lambert tweeted days later with the same style, except he went more for an exotic zebra look. Adam posted a photo on his Twitter page consisting of him in a black and white tone wearing a hoodie and shiny zebra print jeans.


With these two fashion icons blasting their unique styles, is this a trend you’d be interested in? Take part in our poll below on your thoughts on these print fashion statements.

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