Introducing ‘Glee Project’ Star Nellie Veitenheimer’s Soulful Debut Of ‘Lights’ [AUDIO]

August 24, 2012 1:01 am

After fighting for a chance on the summer reality competition “The Glee Project 2,” aspiring singer Nellie Veitenheimer is coming back strong with a new song. Although she didn’t win “The Glee Project 2,” Nellie is determined to follow her dreams by expressing them through her unique voice.  Originally from the Pacific Northwest, the singer has finally released a new song for her fans titled “Lights.”  Buy “Lights” now by clicking here

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Nellie, who was voted the fan favorite of “The Glee Project 2,” teased fans about the new song through her social networks. Fans weren’t the only ones ecstatic about it. When Nellie premiered the song, she sent along a tweet showing high amounts of excitement. She describers herself as someone who is passionate about writing and the song is an original track penned by Nellie herself. Travis Graham of New Heights helped produce it. You can hear her debut single by listening below.

Even fellow competitors are excited for Nellie, including the winner of “The Glee Project 2″ and future cast member of “GLEE,” Blake Jenner, tweeted words of support for the new song saying, “@nellielisabeth Such an AWESOME song Nellie!!! AHHHH!!!”

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‘Lights’ is a soft-spoken acoustic song that embarks not only soul and passion, but a rare voice that Nellie achieves. The song is currently on iTunes for only $0.99, but will go up to $1.29 on Tuesday, August 28. You can buy “Lights” now by clicking here. Comment below your thoughts of her song and be sure to share it if you like it!


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