Kevin Jonas is Brought to Tears! [VIDEO]

August 24, 2012 1:20 am

When Kevin Jonas tied the knot with his bride Danielle in December 2009, fans only had the People Magazine photos for reference as to what went down that day. But in an all-new episode of “Married to Jonas” airing on Sunday, those same fans will get a first look at footage from the wedding, complete with lip quivering emotion from Kevin.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas Open Up About Married Life in Exclusive Web Chat

As his wife-to-be made her appearance, all dressed in white, Kevin’s lip started shaking and his eyes filled with tears. In this promo for the upcoming episode, you can see his sweet reaction for yourself, not to mention his brothers’ hilarious interpretations of the quivering lip. We love how much Kevin loves Danielle, don’t you?

Fill in the blank: Kevin Jonas is a great husband because ________.


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