Kim Kardashian Goes Motown Glam As Diana Ross & Flushes Money [PHOTOS]

August 24, 2012 1:25 pm

Kim Kardashian is coming out as Diana Ross and wants the world to know in a new photo shoot! The entrepreneur posted photos on her website Thursday evening saying that this might be a new due she could get used too.

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Kim said, “Here are pics from behind the scenes of a shoot I did with Hype WilliamsClyde Haygood and Joyce Bonelli glammed me up and we went for a fun, crazy look, channeling Diana Ross. Definitely a new look for me.” The big hair and long lashes surely resembles the Motown diva.

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is also making headlines for a recent purchase she made. Kim reportedly splashed out the big bucks to buy a self-flushing toilet. The cost of the toilet was around $100,000!

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Laziness isn’t the reason Kim made the purchase. Instead, she bought the high priced toilet for her guests. She was worried that people who used her bathroom would forget to flush the toilet. Here are some fancy toilets that might have made the cut into Kim’s bathroom.


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