Do Olympic Champ Aly Raisman & Joe Jonas Have Plans to Meet Up? [AUDIO]

August 27, 2012 8:00 am

Could Aly Raisman be the next to be “Married To Jonas?”

Captain of the Woman’s Gymnastics Team and three-time-medalist Aly Raisman stopped by the studio to talk back-to-school shopping, dropping medals, and Joe Jonas.

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Is A Date With Joe In Aly’s Future? 
“No I haven’t met [Joe Jonas]. No [we haven't talked on the phone]. I’m sure that all the girls and I when we go on tour will meet him. Maybe he can come to one of our tour stops.”

Who Will Aly Wear At the VMAs?
“[My dress] is a surprise, you’re going to have to wait and see! A lot of people are listening I don’t want to give it away. I hope to [go down the carpet at the VMAs and do interviews.] [I'm going with] the rest of my teammates, no body else.”

 Are Aly’s Parents’ More Famous Than She?
“People always recognize my parents first actually and people ask them for pictures when they come to autograph signings for me. I think they like it a lot.”

On The Floor That Dented Her Medal:
“[The medals are] at my house, I dented one of them. You heard about it? I was letting this little girl try on a medal and I dropped it on the floor so it has a little dent in it. It [fell] on the Today Show floor. It’s a very dangerous floor.”

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On Back-To-School Shopping At The Office Depot In Los Angeles:
“There’s a lot of bright fun colors for the binders, so I think all the kids are really into that. I was helping them match all their folders and their pens.”

Will Aly and Jo ever meet up? One thing’s for sure, the future is looking golden for this adorable Olympian.



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