Puppy Shaming — What Your Naughty Pooch is Really Thinking [PHOTOS]

August 27, 2012 1:10 am

Introducing the newest Internet sensation: Dog Shaming!

We all know the “puppy dog” face is infamous for getting our pooches out of trouble even in the most extreme of situations. Nicknamed man’s best friends, our loyal pups can also be our most lovable lunatics.

Meet Boo — The World’s Cutest Dog! [VIDEO]

Peeing on the neighbor’s leg, chewing up Louis Vuitton heels you broke the piggy bank purchasing, or acting like a pooch on speed; their ability to entertain us never subsides.

‘Big Ass Shark’ Snatches Fish Right Off The Line! [VIDEO]

We’ve compiled a bunch of the most hilarious must-see photos of the naughtiest pets and their shameful confessions.

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