Harry Potter & Lord Voldemort Face Off In ‘So You Think You’re A Wizard!’ [VIDEO]

August 27, 2012 12:43 pm

It’s time for another video from Youtube sensation Hilly & Hannah of The Hillywood Show. It’s been exactly one month since we’ve posted their first, original music video, “Saturday Night.” Well, these two creative sisters and they are back again with a brand new parody video. RyanSeacrest.com has the exclusive first premiere of it. Watch the video below and subscribe to the girls’ channel here!

The hilarious video goes for a Harry Potter meets “So You Think You Can Dance.” In the video, you see wizard Harry Potter battle his arch-nemesis Lord Voldermort for the last time on “SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A WIZARD.” The two magical powerhouses try to conquer one another with their powers in an intense competition to survive.

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“SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A WIZARD” is hosted by Harry’s BFF, Ron Weasley, to see which one will solidify their spotlight in becoming the best wizard. Only one can win, while the other must die. Be sure to wand into the video to see who will come up on top!

You can check out more videos of the comical duo on their Youtube channel here. Let us know what you think of the video by commenting below. Are you team Harry or team Voldemort?!


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