Who Do You Think Killed Maya & Who Is ‘The Betrayer’

August 28, 2012 6:22 pm

The lies and secrets have all lead up to this. Tonight, we find out who killed Maya and even who ‘The Betrayer” is on the Summer Season finale of Pretty Little Liars, “The Lady Killer!” Let’s recap.

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The four beauties, Lucy Hale as Aria, Troian Bellisario as Spencer, Ashley Benson as Hanna and Shay Mitchell as Emily have been trying to figure out who killed their best friend Allison and how their secrets are escaping her grave.

In the second season we found out that Mona was “A” but we still don’t know who killed Maya. And, in the lastest episode, “Single Fright Female,” who were the gloved mystery people playing music on the jukebox and passing a set of keys? Could it have been Maya’s killer and the betrayer? Vote below to let us know who you think is the culprit(s). Need references for who’s involved? Gotcha covered. Take a look below for the cast of characters!

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She has a nasty past with Allison and is dating Emily. Did Paige kill Maya to keep her from Emily? She now has the perfect disguise to sneak around the liars’ lives but it just seems too obvious.

She was close friends with Allison and now Spencer. Could she have taken over the scandalous games that Allison used to play?

He is Maya’s cousin and just happens to move to Rosewood after her death. That cannot be a coincidence.

She IS the only one to “Shhhh” in the beginning of every episode. Is she playing along with the liars to cover her tracks?

He’s always been the sneaky, creepy character with big secrets. Just because he hasn’t been seen in a while, doesn’t mean he can’t come back to stir the pot. Don’t forget the night when Emily was drugged.

The handsome man with a past that none of us really know. He’s been quiet about most things in his life making him the perfect secret betrayer.

She must still have hard feelings against the girls for blinding her but in season two she gets surgery just in time to take over the betrayal for Maya. Is she the betrayer?



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