A Twilight Reunion and A Royal Sex Tape? [AUDIO]

August 29, 2012 9:20 am

Will Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson bounce back after the messy break-up? Will a Prince Harry sex-tape reveal itself to the public?

Kristen Stewart Is Relieved That Rob Pattinson Is Not Talking Trash [AUDIO]

E!’s Chief News Correspondent Ken Baker called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk the KStew-RPats scandal and royal stripping in Las Vegas.

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No Reunion In The Future
Sorry to disappoint Twi-hards, but Ken thinks that “a snow ball would have a better chance in hell of staying a snow ball than these two getting back together.” There’s no evidence that these two have had any contact whatsoever, and Ken says she has a major problem on her hands.

“Not only has she had to deal with the breakup which I’m sure is very traumatic for her, but she’s also look at as the villain.” Kristen will be making a public appearance at the Toronto Film Festival in a couple weeks where she will have to “face the music.” Rob’s already had that opportunity for his public appearance, and was really really out there. People are feeling a lot of sympathy for him. These two are not going to be seen together in public, and if there is any contact, Baker highly doubts we’ll hear about it. Baker reports that Rob has “too much pride to take her back.”

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Video of The Prince’s ‘Romp?’
Something more raunchy than the strip video? Ken Baker reports that there may be more photos, and maybe more of a story, but sorry ladies, Prince Harry’s sex tape will not be hitting a Red Box near you. Baker states that a sex tape, “isn’t even on the table right now,” and the worst of the scandal is behind the prince.

Don’t worry Prince Harry, we’ve got your back! And your front.


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