The Top 10 PSY ‘Gangnam Style’ Covers [VIDEOS]

August 30, 2012 12:50 am

One style to rule them all, one style to find them, one style to bring them all and in the K-pop bind them… “Gangnam Style!”

Korean Rapper PSY Is A Pop Culture Phenomenon! [VIDEOS]

By now, you’ve probably already seen PSY‘s viral music video and song, “Gangnam Style.” But have you seen the hundreds of parodies and covers performed by people all over the world? No? Great, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorites!

10. YouTuber TheAUalumni covers the song with his own parody song “Chicago Style.” The video has the singer in a bright pink leotard and shots from all over Chicago.

9. Nelly Furtado joins the internet sensation by performing “Gangnam Style” during one of her concerts. She sings it and even does the iconic dance moves with her back-up dancers!

8. More styles! This video is all about the Korea town style. The YouTuber’s capture and parody a lot of the same shots from the original video and showcase lots of places in Los Angele’s Korea town. The parody even features YouTube’s own David Choi!

7. Pony Style! In a hilarious cross-parody, an animator animated a “My Little Pony” character doing the “Gangnam Style” dance with all of its other pony friends. Brony’s (guys who love “My Little Pony”) are freaking out everywhere!

6. In this video, K-pop meets A-pop (American pop) and gets a fun dance mash-up with Nicki Minaj’sStarships” brought to you by BuzzFeed. The two music videos are combined and it dazzles the eyes.

5. Rock on man! “Gangnam Style” goes metal in this cover video by an electric guitar and metal music enthusiast. Still has the K-pop in the background but becomes so much more hardcore with the added instrumental!

4. This video has received almost 2 million views and it’s called “Hongdae Style” by the Trend Factory. They copy the video almost shot for shot with some added funny and parody essences.

3. This dance cover comes all the way from a Korean baseball game! The Doosan Bears pro baseball team’s cheerleaders perform the dance with the team’s bodyguard who has a striking resemblance to PSY.

2. YouTuber MysteryGuitarMan does his own unique cover of the song using multiple instruments and his beatboxing skills. The video has 600,000 views and might be one of the most unique covers of the song out there!

1. And our number one cover/parody of “Gangnam Style” is a performance with almost 4 million views by Korean dance team waveya. There are five dancers all bustin’ out some dance moves in high heels! They definitely bring their own style to the song…



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