5 Ways To Turn Your Summer Fling Into Your Main Squeeze [PHOTOS]

August 31, 2012 1:01 am

It’s no secret our favorite parts of summer are the poolside strawberry daiquiris, teeny string bikinis, and summer anthems such as the flirty “Call Me Maybe”. However, a steamy romance with your crush tops the season’s must-have list.

Don’t Fight the Fling: Why You Need A Summer Romance

But what happens when the summer sun starts to set and the smell of back-to-school supplies reminds you that reality is right around the corner? Don’t panic. We’re here to save you and your mascara from the heart wrenching end-of-summer breakups.

5.  Don't be "that girl"5: Don’t Be “That Girl” The girl who anticipates the breakup coming before hearing those three little words, “Be my girlfriend?” Instead of obsessing over the demise of your summer fling, chill out and step away from the love potion recipes. Relax and smile. Worrywarts are not cute.


4. Do It Like A Lady4:  Do It Like A Lady.

Be the girl who makes the cliche teen romance quote true and have him pointing you out to his buddies saying, “that’s her.” Take pride in how you look and having a classy manner about you. Nothing is more desirable than a girl who embraces her beautiful traits.


3. Choose your battles!3:  Choose Your Battles!

It’s true romantic comedy films teach us heated arguments followed by intense “I’m so sorry” make-out sessions is the way to go. But who are we kidding? Constant fighting is one sure way to guarantee your hot summer romance will crash and burn. Spend your time together sharing bits of spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp instead of reenacting Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s fantasy fights.


2:  Play dodgeball!

We’re not saying gear up and start throwing balls (unless that’s what you’re into).  Rather, throw a wrench in your everyday routine to dodge relationship boredom. Try blowing his mind with your creative flair and plan a special date he’ll never forget.


1. Be your imperfectly perfect self.1:  Be your imperfectly perfect self. Trust your mother when she says you are gorgeous and perfect just the way you are. Chances are he likes your quirky imperfections and they’re exactly what gave you the power to steal his heart the day you met. Confidence in yourself and in your relationship is key to a successful bond that goes from summer romance to long-term love affair.

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