Facebook Friday — 10 Ways Facebook Has Ruined Your Life! [PHOTOS]

August 31, 2012 12:20 am

Who doesn’t have a Facebook these days? Most people even have it on their cell phones so they can be in constant communication with their “friends.” Although everyone has some type of fascination with Facebook, we think it has ruined 10 things people used to cherish the most!

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10. Facebook has ruined high school reunions.


What’s the point of going to your 10-year high school reunion when you already know what everyone is up to via Facebook? You already know which high school sweethearts made it down the aisle, who got hotter with age and who didn’t, who has the big shot job and who already has six kids.

9. Facebook has ruined first dates.


When you go to look up your potential new significant other on Facebook and see that they’re fans of Crocs, basket-weaving and river dancing, you already know the date isn’t going to go well. Facebook ruins the exciting sense of wonder that a first date should have!

8. Facebook has ruined our interest in agriculture.


Farmville has crushed any dreams of us ever growing vegetables in our own backyard. Harvesting on Farmville has made us too impatient to wait for actual crops to grow. Le sigh…

7. Facebook has ruined the perception of your parents.

Carrie Dilluvio

When your parents have more photos on Facebook with red cups and ping pong balls than you do, you know something is backwards! Or when your mom comments on your best friend’s profile picture from three years ago, it’s proof that she spends way more time Facebook stalking than you would have guessed.

6. Facebook has ruined capturing candid moments.

Carrie Dilluvio

It’s made us say goodbye to scrapbooks and hello to Facebook albums. Now everyone poses multiple times with their hands on their hips until they get a perfect photo to put on Facebook.

5. Facebook has ruined receiving party invites.


Instead of getting cute party invitations in the mail, now we get a notification saying someone invited us to a Facebook Event. This isn’t nearly as exciting as checking the mail to see a fun colored envelope address to your name!

4. Facebook has ruined television endings and award show results for the West Coast.


We West Coasters over here have learned to stay logged off Facebook until we’ve caught up on our shows because we know the East Coasters will be posting status after status about shocking results, ruining the surprises for us!

3. Facebook has ruined genuine birthday wishes.


When you get a “Happy Birthday” post from your third cousin’s best friend’s little sister that you met at a Christmas party seven years ago, that is not a genuine birthday wish. If your birthday wasn’t posted in bold on the corner of their feed, they would never have known it was your special day. Facebook takes away the meaningful aspect of birthday wishes.

2. Facebook has ruined sick days.



Ditching school or work is no longer possible with Facebook in our lives. If you do ditch, you better tell everyone you are with to not check you in anywhere, not to upload pictures and nor to reference this outing in a post on your wall, ever.

1. Facebook has ruined the status of your relationship.


It’s very awkward to ask the person you’re dating if they want to make it “official” by posting it on Facebook. If they say they don’t want to, does that mean you should put “It’s complicated?” or are you “In an Open Relationship?” Facebook makes relationships so confusing!


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