Kids Spit Sick Snack-Time Rhyme About Hot Cheetos & Takis! [VIDEO]

August 31, 2012 12:50 am

The Y.N.Rich Kids have conquered the school yard and have now set out to conquer the rap scene!

The inner-city crew from Minneapolis has strived to overcome adversity through rhyme all while spitting an extremely catchy snack-time tune. Their video “Hot Cheetos and Takis” instantly went viral accruing over two million views in just over three weeks!

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Each of the seven members of the group boasts much more than a cute face. Their creativity, swagger, and insane rap ability highlight each of their epic talents. Today’s rappers seem almost untouchable; however, these crazy kids have hip-hop powerhouses taking note! Here is who we think the Y.N.Rich Kids compare to in today’s hip-hop world.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Dame Jones channels Jay-Z 

As the leader of the Y.N. Rich Kids, there is no doubt that Dame Jones is set to take after the mega successful king of hip-hop Jay-Z.  His wild rhymes and undeniable charm escalate him to mogul potential.





Nielson Barnard / Getty

Nasir is the next T.I.

Nasir’s rap counterpart belongs to T.I.  As relatively shy personas off the mic, both share the same sharp and witty style while spitting in front of it.






Joe Klamar / Getty Images

Gentrell embodies Lupe Fiasco

Taking a laid back and confident spin on the tune, Gentrell rocks the rap with Lupe Fiasco swagger and a casual yet powerful style.






Rick Diamond / Getty Images

G6 could be Young Jeezy’s son

There is no denying this physical resemblance! The hard-hitting punch of G6 can only be compared to that of Young Jeezy. Young Jeezy’s strong and unrelenting rhythm is displayed to perfection through G6.





Vibe Magazine

Frizzy Free seduces the ladies like Drake

Clearly the heartthrob of the group, Frizzy Free is already taking after current hip-hop man candy Drake. Drake’s seamless flow and connection with the camera is precisely exemplified in Frizzy Free!





Ronald Martinez / Getty

Ben 10 personifies Lil Wayne

Ben10 is already a star on his own but through his forceful lyrics, incredible energy and stylish locks, he is already in line to take over Lil Wayne’s empire.






Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Jasiona spits like Nicki Minaj

Much like Nicki Minaj, Jasiona splashes onto the scene as the sole rapping female of the group. Her estrogen infused rap, fast words and incredible moves are clearly homage to Nicki!


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