First Lady Michelle Obama Admits How Long It Takes Her To Get Ready [AUDIO]

September 4, 2012 9:15 am

First Lady Michelle Obama graciously took time out of her busy schedule to call in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about the speech that she will be giving tonight at the Democratic National Convention, the 2012 Election, shares advice for first time voters, chats about prepping Malia for her first day of high school and admits just how long the President has to wait for her to get ready!

How Long Does It Take For The First Lady To Get Ready?
“I’ve got hair, I’ve got makeup…come on, he puts on the same shirt and tie.” So, what does the President do while he waits? “He’ll turn on the game.” And how long before the First Lady is ready? “About an hour, if I do full everything. If I’m just going out down the street I can get ready in 30 minutes, I can get ready in 20 minutes if I have to. But if I’m really trying to look like somebody, I would fairly say an hour.”

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On Malia’s First Day of High School:
“We have a high school student in our household. I’ve got a big speech to give tonight, but there is nothing driving me more crazy than wondering how that first day of school is going right now,” confesses Mrs. Obama. However, she tells us she did give the girls a pep talk before she left. “I was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to go in, we’re going to have great attitudes, we’re excited, I want you to stay focused, and be positive, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t procrastinate.'”

But did the First Lady talk to her daughters about boys? “We talk about life like that on an ongoing basis. Malia is a kid who talks for hours, literally, without taking a breath,” Mrs. Obama admits her daughter probably gets the gift of gab from her. “She doesn’t hold back, she’s got opinions, and insights, and observations. And she is more that willing to share. So, we have a pretty open line of communication.”

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Voting Advice For 1st Time Voters:
“Don’t be nervous. There are resources all around you. The best thing to do is to go prepared. So, you can go to the website and that’s a great place to understand where you go to vote, how to register, what you need to register, it’ll walk you through the process. If you are really nervous take somebody with you. Voting is a private matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go with a friend and sometimes it’s easier to do something new when you’ve got somebody with you. I urge people to just plan ahead. Know what kind of identification you need to take, know where the polling place is, it’s just like anything, it’s like starting college for the first day. The more information you have the less intimidating it is, but know that voting is easy and millions of people do it every election. Once you vote, don’t stop. Don’t just vote in the Presidential Election, but vote in every election.

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On Her Speech at the DNC:
What message does the First Lady want to get across in tonight’s speech? “I want to remind people about who their President is. And just remind them that 4 years ago millions of people across this country came together and elected the leader they knew would stand up for them in office. It was really fun for me to work on this speech. Because I got to spend time thinking about our values and really understanding, once again, that it’s really Barack’s values, how we grew up, how we were raised in working class families, that really makes you understand why he’s fought so hard for working class folks…tax cuts for small businesses, why health care was so important to him. I get to share stories about what it was like when we were first dating and what kind of dad he is, so it’s a real personal speech for me. It was fun to go down memory lane just creating it. So, I’m excited to give it and I hope it will be well received by the nation.”

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The First Lady also gave us some details on those early dating days: “Let’s just say that Barack had good lines, he had a good heart, but he didn’t have a lot of stuff, he didn’t have a lot of things to go along with that. He was a student in law school. He didn’t have much to impress me with, other than his heart and his sincerity. So, I’m going to talk about that a little bit.”

On Ann Romney’s Speech at the RNC:
“I didn’t watch it. I don’t watch a lot of political stuff. Because I learned in the last campaign that it’s really more important not to hear the political back-and-forth of the punditry, but to really rely on where folks are on the ground. I just try to stay focused on our message and what we’re doing, so I didn’t really hear her speech or review it. Because I just generally don’t do that. I find that I stay in a more positive place when I’m focused on what we have to do and it’s not just running a campaign, but we’re still in the midst of running a country and I still have initiatives that I’m working on. I was just at the Olympics with our Olympic athletes talking about ‘Let’s Move,’ Still working with our military families. So, we’ve got a lot on our plate and it’s more than just this, truly.”

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On The 2012 Election:
Mrs. Obama explains: “It’s definitely more familiar. You understand kind of the ebbs and flows of the entire political season, because you’ve been through it. We went through a very long Primary in 2008 and going into the Convention, you know what that last kick is going to feel like. You’ve been on a stage at a Convention…you kind of know what to expect. So, it’s more familiar for sure.”

The Democratic National Convention airs tonight at 7pm on NBC, ABC, and CBS or check your local listings.


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