Elegant Home Decor Crafts From Newspaper [PHOTOS]

September 4, 2012 1:40 am

Stop the presses! September 4 is Newspaper Carrier Day!

Turn Your Nails Into A Fresh Map Design [PHOTOS] 

Though the work of a paper boy may be tiresome, today we salute those who have spent countless hours hurling the wadded-up news at our doorsteps, windows, and (for those with bad aim) our roofs.

Paint Your Boring Shoes Neon! [PHOTOS] 

Sure, the internet may be quickly making the newspaper an outdated and irrelevant piece of mail, but there is still hope for our classic black and white companion! Don’t throw away your old newspapers. Instead, recycle them into some cool crafts.

Browse through our photo gallery below. Trust us, these projects won’t be thrown out with yesterday’s news.
[nggallery id=796]


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