Light Up Your Dorm Room with These DIYs! [PHOTOS]

September 5, 2012 10:41 am

Are your dorm room lights too bright when you have a few friends over to catch up on the latest episode of “Gossip Girl?” Or are you secretly afraid of the dark and wish there was a way to hide it from your roommate? There is a simple solution to all of your lighting problems!

Adam Lambert vs. Miley Cyrus — Neon Fashion Face Off!

These DIY mood lighting projects are perfect for a relaxing and fun Saturday afternoon with your girlfriends. Turn your dorm room into a fashionable and creative space with some glue, a string of lights and a little bit of time!

Take Your Schoolgirl Style To The Streets!

Make everyone on campus jealous with this gorgeous light waterfall curtain that will twinkle far into the night.


This is an easy and safe way to light up your hallway or floor at night for a safe walk to your bathroom.


Give your place of slumber a sexy makeover with this headboard.


Class up your room with this glass marble nightlight!


Replace your not-so-cute light fixture with this piece of plastic spoon art!



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