Steve Harvey Dishes Out Relationship Advice [AUDIO]

September 5, 2012 8:54 am

Comedian, author, radio/talk show host Steve Harvey called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday to talk about his new talk show “The Steve Harvey Show,” tells girls what qualities to look for in a guy and gives his opinion on hooking up with your ex.

Is It Okay To Occasionally Hook-Up with Your Ex?
“I think you are setting yourself up for failure, again. If you’re seeing a guy that you broke up with and you all fool around every now and again, that’s the dream relationship for a guy. I get to still have you and I don’t have to do any of the things I used to do for you. I get to really, in essence, do you for free and I’m in the process of doing some other people too. There ain’t a guy in this country that ain’t standing up for that.”

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Steve continues, “I tell this to my daughters, I tell this to women all the time…you’re not ever going to find Mr. Right, if you keep hanging out with Mr. Wrong. The guy is your ex for a reason and the thing that made him an ex is the same thing is wrong.”

Important Qualities To Look For In A Guy:
“First of all, he’s got to be ambitious. Secondly, he’s got to be hard-working. Then he’s got to be honest and straight-forward. You can lie to my daughter, but you can’t lie to me. Because as a man I already know the answer to all these questions. So, if you try to give me the answer that sounds good to the parents, I’ve already given that answer 15 times. So, let’s kill this right here..that’s what I look for in these young guys.”

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On The Steve Harvey Show:
“I’m going to do it based around real everyday people, I think they’re more interesting. Regular people are going to show up to be on TV, now celebrities, we got options. Regular people are more interesting, so I just think that’s the way to go for me,” Steve tells us. So, will he be giving relationship advice? “Yes, sometimes. But the show is going to be really diverse in that arena. I’m going to be doing everything, I’m a parent, I’m a husband, relationships. I wrote this book, sold 3 million copies to 3 million, women…that’s pretty good, they listened a little bit. I’m not really an expert on relationships. I’m just really an expert on men, I just know how we think.”

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What Inspired Steve’s Book?
“My daughters were bringing home these deadbeat boys and I was meeting these guys and in 30 minutes I was shooting them down. My daughters were going, ‘dad, why did you ask him that?’ I said, ‘because you should have asked him that, you have every right to know this type of stuff.’ So, they kept going, ‘Well dad, how do you know all this?’ I said, ‘Look, I’ve been a boy, I’ve been a young man, I’ve been a man, I’ve been all this. So, if you’re sitting in my house and you’re 26…I already know what you’re thinking and where you should be and I’m not going to let some little loser, bum, kid, boy, walk out of here with my daughter. I ain’t going to let it happen.”

So has Steve approved of any of his daughter’s suitors? “There’s one kid, he’s going through the probation process. I’m scrutinizing him real tough, he seems to be doing pretty good. There was another guy that I approved of, but they ended up not making it. It was my daughters fault though. So, it’s been going a little different for them, but there’s one guy right now that I think has potential. He’s just got to survive the rest of it.”

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At What Age Do Guys Grow Up?
“When a man starts wondering about getting himself together, usually 30. Most of us spend our 30s making up for the 20s that we messed up. So, a guy starts pulling it together around 30…35 he usually gets pretty solid,” Steve explains.

“The Steve Harvey Show” airs weekdays at 3pm in the LA area on NBC check your local listings for times.


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