‘Gangnam Style’ Gets An Epic Chatroulette Performance [VIDEO]

September 6, 2012 12:50 am

Oh no, is that a…oh ok good, it’s just “Gangnam Style” on Chatroulette!

60-Year-Old Mom Learns To ‘Gangnam Style’! [VIDEO]

You expect to see very different things when you take the plunge into the anonymous, webcam chat site that is Chatroulette. If you were on recently, you might have seen YouTuber StefAndStefani, do an amazing “Gangnam Style” performance that copied scenes almost exactly from the music video!

PSY Teaches You How To ‘Gangnam Style’! [VIDEO]

The performer has the same wardrobe as PSY throughout the video and even gets sprayed with white silly string/material – just like in the video! In just three days, the video has close to 3 million views and more than 27,000 Likes. Check it out below!


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