VMA Cameras Catch 5 Flirty Moments Between Katy Perry & Rihanna [VIDEOS]

September 7, 2012 8:29 am

Did Katy Perry kiss a girl and like it?!

It sure seem liked it as she spent the night with her BFF Rihanna. The two spent the whole night chatting, whispering, holding hands, and smacking each others butts?! We have your complete look at the night spent between these two VMA royalty divas… in GIF formation!

Rihanna & Katy

It was clear that this powerful duo took the spotlight at the MTV VMA’s. Besides the fact that the camera loved the two, but both started the show. Rihanna opened the show with a performance of her songs ‘Cockiness‘ and ‘We Found Love.’ Shortly after, Katy presented the first award to One Direction for “Best Pop Video,” which included a kiss to some of the singers.

Nicki Minaj
The night continued on for the two when 1D were performing. Being the fabulous BFF’s they are, Katy & Rihanna were caught whispering secrets to one another during the performance. Obviously, this leaves us many to guess what was said. Most likely calling dibs on what One Direction members they want.

Nicki Minaj

Rihanna & Katy Perry

Halfway through the night, the two were pitted against each other in the “Best Female Video” category. Unfortunately for these two pop icons, Nicki Minaj took the moonman. When the camera went on these two fierce females while Nicki accepted her award, their facial expressions didn’t need any explanation to what they were thinking!

Rihanna & Katy Perry anticipate the final award.
It was time for the winner to be revealed of the biggest honor of them all, the “Best Video of the Year.” Once again, Katy & Rihanna were forced up against each other and the two shared some sort of special handshake as a good luck charm.

Rihanna & Katy Perry anticipate the final award.
The special handshake came in handy, at least for Rihanna, as she took the coveted prize home. The singer won the award for “We Found Love,” in which host Kevin Hart presented. Don’t worry about Katy, she didn’t leave the VMA’s empty handed. As Rihanna was announced the winner, Katy spanked her booty in which led to Rihanna brushing “dirt off her shoulder” and blowing her best friend Katy a kiss before accepting the honor. It was a night the two will never forget and neither we will.

Rihanna & Katy Perry anticipate the final award.


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