Britney Spears Says Simon Cowell ‘Charmed’ Her Into Judging ‘The X Factor’ [AUDIO]

September 12, 2012 7:45 am

Oops, she did it again. Britney Spears is out to win over our hearts yet again.

Brit is set to make her judging debut on The X Factor, and we can’t wait to see what the award winning performer has up her sleeve. The pop princess called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about the sassy Simon Cowell and why she’s been ‘offended’ on the show.

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How Does Britney Describe Her Judging Style? 
“I would have to say I’m a happy, honest judge, I use constructive criticism,” Brit explained. “I think I would want to know, it’s a big deal to give up your career of being a doctor or whatever you wanted to do for something you’re not really capable of doing.”

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How Are Brit’s Boys Adjusting To School?
“They have the coolest book bags,” says Brit. “[The book bags] have all these horns poking out, they love it.” These types of back packs are called ‘Mad Pax.’ Britney also said her boys love school. “They came home [from their first day] and they were rockin’ and they were having fun and they had a great day!”

Why Did Britney Want The Judging Job?
“I had a makeup artist with me for about 8 months on the road, and she was constantly talking about her previous job,” says Brit. “She worked with Simon for a while and we were just joking around about ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I went on the show,’ just genuinely playing around about it and then all of a sudden I get this phone call from Simon.” But what won her over? Shockingly, it was Simon’s charm! Brit recalls, “He was just adorable, and it was just something I had to do,” Brit says. “He was really nice, he’s very charming, and he’s a very smart man, he was just delightful.”

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How Were The Contestants? 
“There were some that were just kind of ridiculous, you’re just kind of offended, you know you’re wondering if they were even taking the whole thing seriously, you felt like they were disrespecting the show by even coming on,” says Brit. “But then there were the ones that would come on who really thought that they ‘had it’ and you could see it in their eyes how believable they were about it.” Britney said that for those people, it would just “break your heart” to turn them down. The “Circus” singer does say however that she thinks she found talent on the show. “My group is going to win!” says Brit. “I can’t tell you about my group, but my group is the best, I’ll just say that.”

Who do you think will say ‘no’ more often: Britney or Simon? Will we be shocked by Brit’s honesty? Tune into The X Factor Wednesday on Fox at 8/7c.


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