Ryan Seacrest Interviews Justin Bieber! [VIDEO]

September 12, 2012 1:25 am

Ryan Seacrest sits down with Justin Bieber for an interview on “Rock Center!”

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In this sneak peak of Bieber’s interview, which is set to premiere on Thursday, September 13 on NBC, the Biebs admits to NBC special correspondent, Ryan Seacrest that “I feel like I just don’t want to be another teen heartthrob, cause that’s just  – I just think that, that just annoys me.”

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“Rock Center” has also released a short clip of Ryan, Bieber and his mom in a candid behind-the-scenes clip! Make sure to tune into Rock Center on NBC Thursday, September 13 at 10pm/9c!

He goes on to discuss his new album “Believe” which he hopes will catapult him out of ‘hair flipping’ heartthrob days and into the realm of serious musician. “I think ‘Believe’ is really — my new album has really showcased what I’m capable of” says Bieber, “especially becoming an 18-year-old and becoming an adult. And hearing older people say, ‘Wow, this new album’s great. Like I didn’t know that was Justin Bieber.”


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