Will Britney Spears Have The Heart To Say No On ‘X Factor?’ [AUDIO]

September 12, 2012 12:30 am

Will contestants on X Factor be saying “hit me Britney one more time?”

Britney Spears has landed herself a judging role on the music reality show, and has been tweeting up a storm preparing for the premiere. Brit’s known for having a soft heart and a sweet little voice to go along with it. So when auditioners step up in front of her, will she have the heart to say no?

Britney has been “Lucky” in her successful career, but On Air with Ryan Seacrest wondered if she’d be able to tell people with big dreams that they just weren’t good enough. Here’s what she had to say:

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“There were the ones that would come on and they really thought that they had it. You could see it in their eyes how believable they were about it. It’s just really hard and it would break your heart to tell them no.”

Thankfully for Brit, if anyone is going to be able to tell you how to break bad news, it would be fellow judge Simon Cowell, who is notorious for his harsh reactions and comments.

Will Britney have you cheering for her judging capabilities, or will you be saying oops, she did it again? Tune into The X Factor Wednesdays on Fox to find out!

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