Barbara Walters: ‘How Can You Not Ask Kim Kardashian About Kanye West?’ [AUDIO]

September 14, 2012 9:02 am

Barbara Walters is one of our generations most well known interviewers.
So what does Barbara, the woman who has interviewed the Dalai Lama, say about interviewing reality diva Kim Kardashian? Barbara called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk Kim, Ryan himself, and her new television special on ABC.

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Did Barbara Push Too Far With Kim? 
Barbara asked Kim about Kanye West on a recent interview for “The View,” “So what about marriage, do you want his child? Where are we?” Barbara tells Ryan that Kim’s people were upset, but defends her interview saying, “How can you talk to Kim and not ask about Kanye West?” We’re certainly happy you asked Barbara!

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Is Barbara Ever Asked Specifically To Avoid Certain Questions? 
Barbara says she is often asked to steer clear of certain topics. “If I’m doing something for ABC News it’s a different kind of an interview, and very often political. But on ‘The View,’ they’ll say ‘don’t ask this, don’t ask that,’ and usually we don’t, especially if it’s something they feel very strongly about… you know, don’t ask about my children, don’t ask about my divorce.”

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 What Has Barbara Been Working On Recently?
Barbara says that right now she is most concerned with the new ABC News and People‘s segment, “Best In TV.” This is a two hour program  on the best TV shows of all time and Barbara notes, “Ryan, you are on it!”  Barbara explained, “ABC News and People Magazine got together and talked to a whole group of TV producers, actors and writers about [the best] shows of all time in all different categories. They went to the public and over a million people weighed in. There are 9 different categories, including best TV comedy, best TV drama, best cop show, favorite reality show, best talk show host (that’s where Ryan comes in!), best non-human character (my personal favorite) and then the best TV show of all time.” Barbara adds that, “it’s not only a nostalgic trip, but it’s also what you think is the best.”

So What Is The Best Show Of All Time? 
Barbara admits that she can’t tell us what the answer is, but that “when you hear what it is, you’ll say ‘yea I’m not surprised.'”

“Best In TV” airs on ABC Tuesday night. Barbara jokingly notes, “It’s nostalgic, funny, and Ryan Seacrest is on it! Who can ask for more than that?” We were thinking the same thing.


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