What Is Causing Amanda Bynes’ Bizarre Behavior — Drugs, Alcohol, or Mental Issues? [AUDIO]

September 19, 2012 7:03 am

What is going on with Amanda Bynes?! A DUI, hit-and-runs, driving at night with no headlights, locking herself in a dressing room, the list just goes on and on. So, Harvey Levin from TMZ called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to give us the scoop on the former Nickelodeon star.

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Is the Issue Drugs, Alcohol, or Mental?
“I think it’s much more of a mental thing. I don’t think that drugs and everything else would be at the core of this thing. She is acting in a really bizarre way. For example, going to the gym and laughing at the wall and talking to inanimate objects. We did get her at what looked like she was smoking marijuana, where she was kind of driving aimlessly. On Monday she was at a boutique, she locked herself in the dressing room for 2 hours! They were so concerned they started calling managers and saying, ‘what the heck do we do?’ It’s just bizarre, sad behavior.”

Is She Going to Rehab?
“Right now there’s no plan for rehab. Obviously, things can change. I’m not trying to be a doctor in this thing, we’re following a story and the story is she’s got 3 criminal cases pending right now. Two hit and runs and one DUI, but at the same time there’s something that underlies this…I don’t think this is headed for rehab, I think this is headed more for conservatorship.”

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Is the Family Involved?
“Possibly. But I can tell you this…as of a month ago we know that the mother through various people was saying Amanda has no problems, nothing with drugs, nothing with alcohol, no mental problems. So, I don’t know whether there was denial or not, but we have been getting from a lot of other people that there were some serious, serious problems. Not dissimilar to Britney Spears.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear Harvey also comment in on the new “American Idol” judges!


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