What Was Anna Kendrick’s Favorite Song to Sing in ‘Pitch Perfect?’ [AUDIO]

September 20, 2012 7:02 am

Anna Kendrick stopped by the “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” studio to talk about her new movie “Pitch Perfect,” that opens in select theaters September 28th and everywhere October 5th.

Did Anna Actually Sing In Pitch Perfect?
“I did. We worked pretty hard. I sang all the stuff that you see on screen and when I’m singing alone I wanted to sing live as much as possible. So, anytime that I am singing on my own I’m singing live.”

Anna Kendrick: Picture Perfect Covergirl

What Was Anna’s Favorite Song?
“My favorite song to sing was ‘No Diggity,’ because that is secretly my jam,” admits Anna. So, did she know the 90s hit before she had to sing it in the movie? “Yeah, they did not have to teach me that song. There was a bunch of songs that I didn’t know that well or songs that you heard on the radio that you think you know, then you kind of have to learn the actual lyrics. But ‘No Diggity’ was just really fun.”

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The Riff-Off
In “Pitch Perfect” there is a great “riff-off” scene, where teams of girls are going back and forth singing the lyrics to one song, then combating each other with the lyrics to another song, and all the songs have to stay within the same theme. So, Ryan and Anna decided to have their own riff-off. Listen to the full interview below to hear them go back and forth with “Titanium,” “The Sign,” and of course, “No Diggity.”

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