Is ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Anna Kendrick Releasing An Album? [AUDIO]

September 21, 2012 12:30 am

Yesterday we were lucky enough to hang with Anna Kendrick, whose starring in “Pitch Perfect” where her incredible singing is front and center. Years ago when she was only 12, she also picked up a Tony nomination for singing and dancing in the Broadway musical “High Society.”

What Was Anna Kendrick’s Favorite Song to Sing in ‘Pitch Perfect?’

She’s obviously got the chops for a music career, so does she have any plans to release an album? “I’m not considering doing that, because of industry rule #4080…record company people are shady,” she tells us. Anna is paraphrasing a line from “Check the Rhime” by 90s rap legends A Tribe Called Quest.

Anna Kendrick: Picture Perfect Covergirl

You can check out Anna’s vocal skills when “Pitch Perfect” opens in select theaters September 28th and everywhere October 5th.

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