Lady Gaga Raps About…Cake? [AUDIO]

September 21, 2012 12:18 pm

Is Lady Gaga ready to add the title of “rapper” to her resume?

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Little Monsters were  in a frenzy after Gaga’s producer, DJ White Shadow, released a track called “Cake Like Lady Gaga” on Twitter. Shadow originally posted the track without vocals and asked fans to come up with their lyrics to the beat. Surprisingly, the winner asked not to be announced!

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Shadow went on to post a slowed version of the song,but don’t doubt Gaga’s faithful followers! Fans were able to speed up the track and come to realize that it was the Momma Monster herself.

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Fans can relax. It doesn’t look like the track will make it onto the new album, but you can still listen below to the Lady G and DJ WHite Shadow as they bust rhymes  about fans, choppers and, you guessed it, cake!



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