What Odd Topics Does Ke$ha Sing About On Her New Record? [AUDIO]

September 25, 2012 12:01 am

Tic Toc” on the clock… Ke$ha finally has some new music for her fans!

It’s been two years since the party girl’s debut record Animal hit the air waves, but thankfully for us- she’s back. Her new album Warrior is due to release on December 4, and her new single “Die Young” is officially hitting the radio today! You might have already heard it…

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Now, Ke$ha’s not the typical pop star. We know she doesn’t exactly write about typical things like a bad breakup or a first kiss, so we wondered what does inspire these crazy topics that she’ll tackle on the new record.  Ke$ha called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her alternative subjects:

“There are so many weird topics on this record from having sexy time with a ghost to getting hypnotized and going into past lives. I just really wanted the theme of this record to be the magic of life,” Ke$ha tells us.

What can we say, guess nothing defines the the magic of life like getting it on with a ghost!


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