Gwen Stefani Dishes On Miley Cyrus’ New Music [AUDIO]

September 26, 2012 9:32 am

Gwen called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about No Doubt’s new album Push and ShoveFlavor Flav’s mixed, her performance at iHeartRadio, and Miley Cyrus new music.

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On Miley’s New Record:
Gwen gushes, “She was so cool. I love Miley. She looked hot [at iHeartRadio] too. I asked her about her record. I said ‘Are you making a ridiculously good record?’ because she better be! She said she loves it. So I’m excited to hear what she does.”

On Flavor Flav’s Mixup On Miley
Gwen says, “Flavor Flav grabs me [at iHeartRadio] and is like ‘Oh my gosh I’m so embarrassed, I completely thought you were somebody else! No body told me! But its cool, its cool, its cool.’ Then he took a picture with me and tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Is that really you? Did you really take a picture with me?'” If you missed Flavor Flav’s awkward moment, check out the video below!

Do Ryan and Gwen Have The Same Favorite Song Off Of Push And Shove? 
Ryan revealed his favorite song is “Easy”- so is Gwen’s! “I’ve been addicted to that song for a long time. That’s one of those songs where we wrote it kind of fast, and then we couldn’t get the tone right. Finally we nailed it at the end and I ended up re-singing it. Lyrically its about working too much.” Gwen says Ryan is “subliminally reading into it, and connecting it to his heart.” Even Gwen can tell he works too hard! “One More Summer” is another favorite of Gwen’s, but she says it’s very personal. “Songs are personal, I get embarrassed! We have an amazing remix of that one too coming out at some point.”

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On Performing At iHeartRadio:
“iHeart was amazing. Playing with all of your peers, it feels so in the moment. I was really out of breath, like ‘this stage is so big right now!’ We haven’t played on a stage like that in about three years. Also when you’re playing these [new] songs, you haven’t really found your feet yet. So that was weird. We played ‘Looking Hot,’ which is our new single. That song is so fun to play live, it’s like ridiculously fun. That one’s not that hard to do live, that one’s really good.

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