Would Mariah Carey Come Back for Another Season of Idol? [AUDIO]

September 27, 2012 8:32 am

Superstar diva Mariah Carey called in to “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday to chat about her experience so far, sitting at the”American Idol” judges table and tells us if she would do another season?

Can Mariah See Herself Doing Another Season of Idol?
“Yeah, I actually can,” she confesses. “I love moments like this, because I think they’re great. You work through whatever. I’m just learning. I don’t consider myself a judge, I consider myself as someone who is trying to give constructive criticism and guidance…I think it’s a really, really great opportunity for people out there who don’t necessarily have the money to make their own demo or to go to a record company and stuff like that. I have a totally new respect for the whole thing.”

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On Her ‘Idol’ Experience So Far:
“I feel like Nigel’s picking on me. Mike Darnell is being mean everyday for no reason, he hits me when no one’s looking. I’m only kidding, the ‘Idol’ family is fantastic,” Mariah tells us. So, right now the “Idol” team is going through auditions…is it what Mariah imagined it would be like or is it different? “Oh, I pretty much knew yep, yep, yep,” she admits.

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On ‘American Idol’ Season 12:
“There’s some really, really fantastic moments that are just like, you can’t beat them. I would say people will be very moved when they see certain moments. I think there’s just some stories that are incredible. Honestly, people are going to really, really want to watch this especially if they’ve grown-up watching it or if they’re brand new ‘Idol’ watchers. I think that there’s some great stories and some great talent.”

Mariah Carey Feels ‘Triumphant’ In Latest Single

When Can Fans Expect The New Album?
“I want to go sooner, but I guess it wouldn’t be ready until around January, somewhere around there. I wanted to put another single out, a ballad. I love it, but I’m still writing, I’m still working. So, you never know what it’s going to end up being,” Mariah tells us.

Mariah’s latest single “Triumphant” is available on iTunes.


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