Top 10 Schools with the Sexiest Professors!

September 28, 2012 1:50 am

The Pac-10 has never looked so good! Well, not just the Pac-10. We have scoured the nation to find the universities with the hottest professors!

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With the help of, which scores teachers on a scale of easiness, clarity, helpfulness, and of course hotness, we were able to narrow down the universities with scorching staff, and even better curriculums. Here is a list of the colleges with the sexiest professors…because if you’re stuck in lecture, at least you’ll have some eye candy to keep you busy.

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University of Iowa – With mid-western morals and country roots, these professors are down-home hot.

Stanford University –The perfect cross between laid back living, and high society class, Stanford’s staff has all American sex appeal.

Arizona State University – With temperatures reaching upwards of 110 degrees, this staff embraces the heat, for a combination of scantily clad and tanned teachers.
University of Georgia – Professors with accents always make class go by a little faster and these Georgia peaches are easy on the ears and the eyes!






University of California, Los Angeles – Hollywood, land of movie stars and models, no wonder this staff is smoking!






Yale – There’s nothing sexier than brains, but these geeks still embrace a little chic.






University of Alabama – Southern tide, southern roots and southern gentlemen…enough said.






New York University – City boys and city girls, NYU boasts the business elite and the cultured artists, a perfect combination, making it the most eclectic of educators.





University of Miami – Welcome to Miami. These professors come with a little Cuban spice, a whole lot of sun, and not a lot of bathing suit coverage.
Georgetown University – Politicians and lawyers, success never hurts a person’s appearance and the clean-cut, sharp dressed educators at this school sure bring a lot of that!


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