Harry Styles Is Shirtless With New Ink! [PHOTOS]

October 1, 2012 12:30 am

Harry Styles already has tons of tattoos, but that didn’t stop him from adding more!

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These new additions along his left torso are rumored to be the beginning of an intense sleeve tattoo. Among the additions are a bird cage comedy and tragedy drama masks, a birdcage and the words SMCL.

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Birdcages often symbolize containment, so perhaps Mr. Styles is making a rebellious statement with that one! The words SMCL may go hand in hand with the drama masks. Fans believe that it may stand for “Smile More, Cry Later.”  Do you like his tattoos?!

It’s not certain when Harry got these tattoos, but on September 5 Kevin McHale tweeted a picture of him, Harry and Jenna Ushkowitz in a tattoo shop! So perhaps they made a party out of it?




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