Jon Chu Launches New YouTube Channel ‘DS2DIO’ [VIDEO]

October 1, 2012 6:13 pm

Have you heard of Jon Chu? He’s got his name on several noteworthy projects, including being a director and producer for the “Step Up” franchise, Justin Bieber‘s feature film “Never Say Never,” and even the Bieb’s sold out “Believe” tour. Jon has made more than a name for himself in the world of dance, and is now launching his own YouTube channel “DS2DIO” (pronounced D-Studio) that allows users to eat, sleep and breath dance.

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YouTube’s premier Dance Lifestyle Channel is poised to launch its Hollywood-produced line-up to bring the big-screen experience of dance to audiences worldwide on mobile and online outlets. His channel “DS2DIO” launched October 1, and has the exclusive on what his “DS2DIO” will have to offer! The channel will debut series such as “Arena,” “FIGHT!,” “Dance Fantasy,” “Invisible Children Dance Project,” “The Floor” and more.

“We thought this was an amazing opportunity, because I have connections with all these dancers and all these choreographers, and because we actually hire these dancers for jobs, this could be a platform to bring dancers from all over the world together,” says Jon of “DS2DIO.” So how did they come up with the name? “We called [the channel] “DS2DIO” because the dance studio is typically hub of where every dancer that’s been training, who you learn from who your friends are, how good you can get,” explained Jon. “Now with technology the dance studio goes beyond just your local dance studio, it’s all over the world you can learn from everyone.” The following videos are clips from Jon’s innovative new channel!

This show on the “DS2DIO” channel will premiere new episodes every Monday night. The series follows eight of the world’s best B-boys as they square off against each other, proving their mastery of breaking fundamentals along with their creative style in front of judges considered to be the legends of this dance. The show even utilizes online audience participation that creates an incredibly exciting and intense viewer experience! This clip features the battle of Fallen Kings/Academy of Villains B-Boy Morris and Renegade Rockers B-Boy Kid David! Check out their battle below!

The show “DS2DIO360” is hosted by “So You Think You Can Dance” star Stephen “Twitch” Boss and the beautiful Cameron Goodman. The two talk trends and the hottest styles in dance, and in this particular clip focus on ‘NSYNC vs. One Direction. “DS2DIO360″ covers all the hottest celebs in dance, and dance trends.

The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
This clip highlights two very different groups battling it out to see who has the better moves. In collaboration with Chu’s producing partner Hieu Ho, “LXD” will air Thursday nights on the channel and will feature several different styles and several different crews. Check out a clip from “The Heist” below!

On PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’
And with all these new projects, can we expect anything else from Jon? Maybe a “Gangnam Style” remix of his own? “I’d love to work with PSY! Scooter Braun now reps PSY and they’ve invited me up to Koreatown several times. I’m sure there’s a moment that we’ll work together. I literally get texts all the time, “Come now!”

On Justin Bieber
Not only is Jon premiering this dance channel, he has also began touring with the Biebs himself. So what did Jon have to say about the Justin? “We’re very honest with each other, in terms of creation. He knows what he likes and knows what will take him to the next level. I throw out all these crazy ideas and he says I like that one, that one, and that one that’s really cool. He adds his own flavor which gives it personality. That’s what’s great about him, he’s a competitor; he sees it as a sport.” So does Justin actually listen to Jon? “Oh, and he loves technology. Just as much as it’s a part of our lives it’s intrinsically sort of his blood. I didn’t even know he watched “LXD” or watched the “DS2DIO” stuff. But you know when we were on tour he’d bring up an episode. He likes to say, ‘yeah Jon I actually do listen to you sometimes.’ We’re very close.”

Justin Bieber and PSY are just the beginning to Jon’s amazing list of celeb friends and contacts, and we can’t wait to see what and who are next!
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